Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Earth Day, Large and Small

We often share stories about the big things NARF does for the environment: Opposing mines that threaten subsistence hunting and fishing.  Representing tribes during U.N. climate negotiations.  Securing safe drinking water on reservations.

Lesser known, are the little things NARF also does for the environment.  Our Green Task Force searches out small steps we can take, like weatherization, low-power appliances, composting, and commuting alternatives.  We have reduced our carbon footprint, even though we have more attorneys working on more cases than we did two years ago.  NARF employees also contribute to the Tribal Renewal Energy Program, to support the installation of solar heating systems for Native American families in need, bringing clean energy and green jobs to tribal lands.

These are small steps and, viewed by themselves, they won’t make much of a dent in climate change issues.  Big solutions will take small steps from all of us. Please join NARF this Earth Day by taking your own small steps for our planet.